Fan cave might not be the right term to describe these memorabilia collections. They are more like museums. Here are some of the more epic collections. Created by Bud Light and VICE Digital Services.

by Bud Light and VICE Digital Services
Oct 7 2016, 9:25pm


Fan cave might not be the right term to describe these memorabilia collections. They are more like museums. Walk in and you'll see custom bobbleheads, jerseys from throughout the ages and essentially an unofficial team history from the perspective of one of its most dedicated fans. Here are some of the best collections.


"The early 80s is when I began collecting Eagles memorabilia from when my wife and I would attend the different charitable events that the Eagles are always involved in. We love being able to help those in need and the events that benefit children are extra special to us both. My first Locker Room was in our recreation room. It was nice, but just wasn't large enough for all the family and friends. In 2005 we sold our business of 34 years and our plans were to build a retirement home in Florida where we have some property.

"One night, as I lay in bed, I came up with a brainstorm that I would like to build a giant addition onto our existing home and this room would become the new Locker Room. Of course I had to sell this idea to my wife. I waited until I was brave enough to run my idea by her and to my surprise she said, "Whatever you want to do I am with you 100%." I'm a very lucky man, as not every wife would go along with such an extreme idea. By extreme, I mean extreme! The Locker Room is a big, 2,000 square foot addition filled with nothing but Philadelphia Eagles items. It boasts 16 flat screen TVs including a jumbo 16 X 9 foot, hi-def unit that puts you right in the action. Eagles chairs, Eagles tables, Eagles bistro tables, a 35 foot bar with Eagles bar stools, Vet Stadium seats, a 20 foot section of artificial grass from the Vet Stadium, and much more! The Philadelphia Eagles TV Network dubbed the Locker Room the most awesome Eagles fan cave in the world. I am extremely proud of it!"


"I started my cave because I did not want everything to be hidden in drawers. Now I call it my art project. I have been called an artist for creating the suit along with the cave by a public radio reporter."


"I used to get lots of stuff at the La Mirada Swap Meet where they sell memorabilia of all different sports teams. They had a lot of Raiders stuff there and every time we used to go, my wife would walk to the Swap Meet and I'd stay put because of my bad hips. I would just say, 'I want that one, and that one, and I want that.' You know, cause we would only go once a year when I had to go see my orthopedic doctor in Southern California. Every time we went down I'd say, 'Honey we got to go there.'"


"My living room is full of Lions treasures. My garage also has a Lions mural on it that this talented young artist painted for me. He did it all by hand, first drew it, then painted it in about a week. My car features their logos proudly! I also just got a 14-seat Lions' minibus that we are going to take to tailgates."


"The Jag Cave started about four or five years ago. I love having parties here at the house for away games. It is a place we can all get together outside to enjoy the pool, play different games, and watch football, plus I do all my cooking out there."

Hall of Fandom images by Peter Sutherland, Shaniqwa Jarvis, Stephanie Mei-Ling, and Ben Colen.

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