Michigan Basketball Scares Crap Out of Player with Scholarship Surprise

Michigan brought in cops to pretend Andrew Dakich was in trouble before revealing that he just earned a scholarship.

by Joseph Flynn
Jan 10 2017, 8:14pm

There are few moments in college sports as consistently heartwarming as the longtime walk-on finally earning a scholarship, but that doesn't mean Michigan head coach John Beilein couldn't have a bit of fun at the expense of guard Andrew Dakich. The third-year player was shocked when campus police turned up at a team meeting saying that he had to report to the university compliance office regarding his involvement in a "number of ongoing investigations," only to surprise him with a scholarship for the winter semester.

"We had an extra scholarship going into the year and we held on to it for the first semester in case a younger version of Terry Mills showed up and wanted to transfer in December and that did not happen," Beilein said, referencing the power forward on Michigan's 1989 national championship team. "We gave [Dakich] a winter scholarship worth about $30,000 and it was a lot of fun in the way we did it."

Dakich, who has spent most of his time on the Wolverines' scout team this season, burned through redshirts in each of the past two years after another Michigan guard went down with a season-ending injury. He hopes to move on to a smaller D-I school next season as a graduate transfer.

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[Detroit Free Press]

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