Youth Football League Player Makes Absurd Juggling Catch

The league is for kids aged 6-14 and judging by this play, they are legit.

by Sean Newell
Oct 4 2016, 1:42pm

It's kind of crazy that game highlights for kids ages 6-14 are available in crisp high definition, but even crazier still is this catch from a player on the Titans in the WCFL, a youth league in Florida. Pretty much everything about this clip is crazy. The Titans quarterback has a crazy swagger as he approaches the line to call the play. The play he calls—a flea-flicker—is also crazy. Again, these are kids between the ages of 6-14. And then there is the catch itself.

The throw travels about 30 yards in the air and it is essentially a jump ball. But our receiver has a decided height advantage and the hand-eye coordination of a man ten years his senior. He tips it to himself and then spins around to catch it, and then begins juggling the ball as he goes to his knees. At some point, he has to make a behind-the-back tip to himself before finally gaining possession. All while having the presence of mind to get back up and make a run for the end zone. Then he bobbles it again, before finally securing it for good and trotting in for the score. It was so ridiculous he mesmerized the defense into inaction.

The Titans beat the Bills 40-0.