FOX News Anchor "Can't Stand" Rory McIlroy Because "He's a Leprechaun"

FOX News anchor blasts Rory McIlroy for being a leprechaun, says she can't stand him.

by Sean Newell
Jul 6 2015, 8:40pm

On FOX News earlier today an anchor told us how she really felt about Irish golfer Rory McIlroy and, spoiler alert, she does not find him magical or delicious. After teasing a segment involving a doctor who would discuss McIlroy's ankle injury and his chances for playing in the upcoming British Open, a woman was heard off screen saying "He's a leprechaun, I can't stand him."

To the extent that hatred is an irrational emotion, this makes total sense. To the extent that a FOX News reporter can't stand a person because he is like a creature that does not exist, this also makes total sense.

McIlroy broke the injury news on Instagram earlier today under a picture of himself standing on crutches. "Total rupture of left ATFL (ankle ligament) and associated joint capsule damage in a soccer kickabout with friends on Saturday." A spokeswoman for McIlroy later released a statement putting his chances for defending his British Open title at 10 percent.


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