Danny MacAskill Rides Canary Island Rooftops Like Children Playing Living Room Hot Lava

"No Fear" isn't just for t-shirts from the 1990's, as this exceptionally batshit GoPro BMX video proves.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Dec 10 2015, 11:31pm

There is no real other way to put this. Danny MacAskill rides these Canary Island rooftops like children playing hot lava in a living room: joyously, without fear. The mindblowing part lies in how these are rooftops. He should absolutely be a little bit afraid of falling off these rooftops on his bike. That would suck! And yet.

In a video released by GoPro today, MacAskill bunny hops his way around Las Palmas with absolutely no regard for heights, gravity, death—just about any human emotion or parameter linked to fear. Asking the man to do another take is like asking someone to commit suicide on camera a second time.

The sequence of shots—be it from a drone, underneath, the side—makes for an exquisitely-composed montage that belongs on a Canary Islands Chamber of Commerce website as much as a GoPro ad. And the ending provides just the satisfaction you were hoping for: a moment in which you aren't fearing for MacAskill's life. It takes several minutes to get there, and it's a relief.

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