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Create New Aesthetic Compositions The Easy Way With theNewAesthetic.js

Nick Briz has handily codified the movement, making it more accessible and executable for everyone.
August 17, 2012, 3:53pm

The New Aesthetic exploded onto the web earlier this year with Bruce Sterling’s essay setting it all in motion. And while it’s all gone a bit quiet since those heady days, it doesn’t mean it’s gone away. Far from it, a book’s been published about it and people are still scratching their heads at whether they like it, hate it, think it’s a meme, a movement, or something else entirely.

But with James Bridle’s Tumblr no longer active, it’s missing an online place to call home—maybe that’s where theNewAesthetic.js can help. Described as an “executable-essay/open-source javascript artware-library for quick [re]production of ‘New Aesthetic’ compositions and related new-media art tropes” it’s the work of Nick Briz and allows for quick and easy reproduction of the symbols and images that signify this movement/meme/whatever.

The site serves as a place where the visual language of the New Aesthetic can be utilized by anyone, where you can add all the telltale N/A signs to your piece so people immediately recognize it as part of the movement. Add glitches, satellite imagery, and pixelated icons to make your compositions that bit more New Aesthetic-y. All this with minimal coding effort—what more could you ask for?