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Meet And Hear The Winners Of Animal Collective Radio's YouMix Contest

Here are the five winners of Centipede Hz vinyl test pressings.

by Abdullah Saeed
Sep 8 2012, 3:08pm

Along with the psychedelic mix series that Animal Collective rolled out in collaboration with The Creators Project, leading up to the release of their new album Centipede Hz, the guys from the band created a space where fans and listeners could contribute their own Animal Collective Radio mixes. It’s all in the spirit of sharing music and bringing to light some of that obscure gold that we all have in our crates, on our hard drives, and perhaps even stacked up in our CD towers. The band even packaged a set of spacy radio drops and warbly sounds that you could incorporate into your mix, making every contributor a Centipede FM DJ.

Loads of people made mixes and uploaded them to Mixcloud, making for hours and hours of amazing music, all of which you can hear right here.

But there’s another component to all this mix-sharing—five random contributors are about to receive vinyl test pressings of Animal Collective’s new album Centipede Hz. In no particular order, here are their mixes. Nice work folks. Keep mixin’.

The Vociferous Transmission delivered to you through Centipede Radio by Vociferous on Mixcloud

HZFM: Centipede Radio by Mlohned on Mixcloud

Malkan Centipede Radio by Malkan on Mixcloud

Eclecrtromix – Centipede Radio by Rdnzl on Mixcloud

No English Allowed : Centipede Radio by Miguel Horowitz on Mixcloud