Desus & Mero

Does Melania Even Want to Be First Lady?

Desus and Mero argue that it's OK to poke fun at Mrs. Trump.

by Sarah Bellman
Jan 25 2017, 2:49pm

Here's a question: Does Melania Trump even want to be first lady? After watching this exchange between her and her husband at his inauguration ceremony on Friday, we're guessing the answer is: probably not.

But despite many people feeling sorry for the new first lady for having to be married to a guy who talks about grabbing women "by the pussy"—which she defended as just "boy talk"—VICELAND hosts Desus and Kid Mero argue that Melania had to have known what she was signing up for when the Donald put a ring on it. 

Sure, Mrs. Trump should not be shamed for trivial reasons, but we have to remember the things she's said in the past. Remember how she was all about the birther movement? Not cool, Melania. Not cool.

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