Everything Is A Remix, Including The Matrix

<p>Robert Wilson and Cynthia Closkey deconstruct <i>The Matrix</i> to re-examine how we define originality.</p>

Oct 6 2011, 7:25pm

While we eagerly await the release of Kirby Ferguson‘s fourth and final episode of Everything is a Remix later this month, Robert Wilson’s rendition of Everything is a Remix: THE MATRIX continues to prove that nothing, not even the innovative blockbuster The Matrix, is completely original. The short film offers a scene by scene comparison of The Matrix and classic martial arts flicks like Tai Chi Master, Once Upon A Time In China, Iron Monkey and many more, all conveniently crowdsourced by fans of Everything is a Remix.

It’s always fascinating to deconstruct the literary and filmic references of iconic films, tracing their lineage to great works of art that came before and locating them in a cultural dialogue that spans the ages. In the case of The Matrix, the film’s complex DNA owes much to over a dozen films including Alice in Wonderland and Total Recall, in addition to those cited above. Wilson and writer Cynthia Closkey echo Ferguson’s questions about how we define “true creativity” and “authorship” in today’s artistic society.

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