Meet the People Who Put Together the February Issue of VICE Magazine

Say hi to the writers and verticals who made this month's issue of VICE Magazine.

by VICE Staff
Feb 7 2017, 5:09am

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Motherboard is VICE's guide to the future. It's never been able to decide whether the future is wonderful or terrifying, but that indecision has at least given it a reason to produce editorial and video from sketchy locations around the globe. For this issue, Motherboard spoke to people exploring the behind-the-scenes implications of tech, from a hustler who broke Ticketmaster to the founder of 18F, the government's digital-services agency. 


Paul Soulellis

Paul Soulellis is a graphic designer, artist, publisher, and teacher whose work has been called "a 'transduction' between media in printed web works." We don't know what that means, but it sounds impressive, and we love what he does at Library of the Printed Web—where he archives, curates, designs, and publishes print-on-demand publications that have included the work of more than 180 contemporary artists—so much that we've featured some of it in this issue. Soulellis is a faculty member at the famed Rhode Island School of Design and a contributing editor at Rhizome.


The Creators Project

The Creators Project is VICE's arts and culture online publication, covering every aspect of the creative process, including at least one aspect that you've probably never heard of. Its mission is to make art coverage more accessible to a wider audience, with diverse voices reporting on new artists working in everything from sculpture and light projections to street art and dance. In this issue, its team curates the best and brightest multimedia artists in a gallery feature as well interviews one of the founders of DiMoDA, a museum of virtual art.



Wondering which VR system will best enable you to simulate shooting a hotdog from a crossbow into a skeleton's mouth, or why augmented reality may be more your speed? Look no further than this month's contributions from Waypoint, VICE's home for gaming culture, built to explore how and why we play. Waypoint looks beyond the press and product cycles, with a focus on the people and community. Whether a game was a commercial success or lost relic, Waypoint covers the culture, passion, and politics of gaming. 


Emily Witt

Emily Witt is the author of Future Sex, a nonfiction exploration of contemporary sexuality that one reviewer described as "Joan Didion meets fetish porn." In this month's issue, she wrote about VR porn, which she first tried to write about back in 2014, when a public-relations man for Oculus Rift assured her that "there are lots of great things that fall within 'sexuality' that VR could enhance." Unfortunately, he continued, "We just do not want to participate in this discussion." This exchange happened exactly 19 days before Facebook acquired Oculus for $2 billion.