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R E < O R D S App Puts Virtual Vinyl Records In Your Pocket

The iPod generation’s spin on vinyl records.
March 8, 2011, 7:44pm

It's a startling realization that certain technologies will be mostly phased out before younger generations reach an age when they can experience them. For example, there are some who may never feel the eager sense of anticipation when rewinding a VHS tape, or never understand the delicate care needed when dropping the needle on a rare ten-inch vinyl. Luckily, Japanese music and design group Delaware has created RE<ORDS: a record label whose digital-only audio releases double as apps that cleverly utilize the iPhone and iPod Touch's interfaces to emulate a vinyl experience.

It works like this: each reiTunes music store. Once downloaded, the combination song/app is uploaded to an iPhone or iPod Touch, which it turns into a mini turntable. The user can then slow or stop playback of the track manually, pick up and drop the digital needle on any portion of the re

As our world becomes ever more digitized there arises a nostalgia for the ritualized gestures of our interactions with older, more physical media. RE<ORDS cleverly caters to this desire by providing a more corporeal digital audio experience with the aid of haptic technology.