What’s Your Favorite Drug?

How about it, miserable people of the world? What’s your drug of choice?

Existence is a really, really tough thing to go through. You’ve got all this time, and all this stuff in your head like pain and thoughts and feelings—sometimes it just seems like it makes sense to get high and ride that wave of brain-altering chemicals for a night, or for a week, or for your entire life. You can deal with the entire pile of problems that accumulate around everyone, or you can just deal with one particular problem, the problem of not being stoned, and let everything else drop. The big question, in that case, is what drug you’ll use to achieve the high you want. So how about it, miserable people of the world? What’s your drug of choice?

Lily, left: Best drug in the world? Penicillin. It revolutionized life.

Beth, right: Mom! If it’s VICE magazine, they’re definitely talking about illegal drugs.

What’s your favorite illegal drug?
Beth: I say LSD.

Beth: It will change your life.

Lily: It didn’t change mine.

Did you guys both take LSD?
Lily: [laughs] Not together. I took mine in the 60s. I wrote a book on LSD, but then my boyfriend threw it out because he thought my mom would find it. One page of the book said, “Shades of gray wearing gray shades.” I remember thinking that it was so brilliant.

Too bad he threw it away. Did you dump him?
Lily: We stopped dating because he went to jail.

Lily: Meth.

Kirk, right: You’re asking a good group of people. I really like pot.

Sam, center: I like cocaine. It makes you feel famous.

Eric, left: I say cocaine too.

What’s better, pot or cocaine?
Kirk: It’s subjective. I like things that calm me down. Don’t you want to ask me what the worst drug is?

OK, what’s the worst drug you’ve ever done?

Did you freak out?
I didn’t freak out, but I don’t like how it takes you so much outside of yourself. I had to keep asking my friend, “Am I being normal?!”

Sam: I say the worst is mixing prescription downers and alcohol

Eric: Are there any bad ones? [laughs]

I think meth is pretty bad.
Kirk: I did meth once. I stayed up for a while. It didn’t make me all hyper-sexual and I didn’t like the taste. Very bitter.

Bruce: Prozac.

It fixed me. It made me normal. It made me function. I took Prozac and I thought, “WOW, this is what normal people must feel like!” I don’t trust psychiatrists much, you know, because of things they did to me when I was little. I have a chemical imbalance.

Are you still on Prozac?

Why not?
I’m cured. No one is more sane than I am. Prozac took care of me.

Will: I would say fucking sex, bro. The best drug in the world is sex. The natural high you get off of that... You start seeing elephants.

Maria: I say sex on ecstasy.

Lisa: I say sex, too.

Jesus. Are any of you over 18?

Shock, fashion designer: Ecstasy. 

I feel so bad for saying that. Should I say a less illegal drug? How about Mary Jane?

Let’s stick to your first choice. How much dancing do you do on ecstasy?
I have a blast on ecstasy, actually. It’s an escape. I go to a club every time I take it. Don’t do it alone in your room.

Jesse: I’m saying shrooms. I love shrooms.

What do you love about shrooms?
They take you out of your body. I’m high right now.

On shrooms?
No, on weed. Is my mom gonna see this?

Does she read VICE?
I don’t know. Shit, what if she finds out I love shrooms?

Kinda late for that.

Sherry, right: The best drug? I want to say acid. But then again, I really want to say dope and weed, too.

Just to make sure, you’re talking about heroin, right?
Yeah, heroin.

What’s the most intense drug you’ve done?
Probably PCP. It’s crazy shit.

Yeah, it is. I smoked PCP by accident once and that’s the last time I ever smoked weed.
Weed is my go to drug.

Rat, left: I say salvia.

Lycine, left: Weed.

LaTron, right: I say alcohol.

Lycine: Never mind. I change mine to alcohol, too.

Why do you guys like alcohol so much?
LaTron: It makes it easier to talk to people.

Lycine: It makes everything fun.

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