Do You Still Give a Shit About Athletics?

Now that the UK is forced to sober up from its two-week Olympian binge on nationalism, physical competition, and big brand advertising, we wanted to know if anyone across the pond still gives a shit about sports?

Welcome to Question of the Day. Today we're attempting to hurdle your post-Olympics depression and apathy!

You may have heard that the UK threw a little shindig called the Olympics. We (the United Motherfucking States of America) crashed the party, trashed the place, and boosted some gold medals from their dad's chest of drawers. Now it's time for poor London to try and sober up from their two-week binge on nationalism, physical competition, and big brand advertising, and clean up the place before their folks get home.

Since all of the UK's Olympic shenanigans have finally come to an end, we wanted to know if anyone across the pond still gives a shit about sports?

VICE: Thinking of taking up any sports, now that The Olympics are done?
Darnell: I have actually been thinking about taking up archery.

How's that working out for you?
Well, it hasn't really gone past me thinking it the other day while watching the archery.

Do you give a shit about sports?
Jean (left), waitress:
I was quite sporty when I was growing up.

So you still care about the 10,000m, right?
Um. No, probably not.

No?! Why not?
I work night times and during the day.


Matt (left) and Gavin.

Still give a shit about sports?
Well I didn’t before and I do now. I wish I'd had more time to get tickets before it all started kicking off.

Anything in particular you liked about it?
I don’t know, it just kind of brought everyone together, you know? I haven’t heard mention of any North-South divide. There’s been no hostility between Scottish, and you know, Northern Irish, and Welsh people. It’s kind of unified everyone.

Gavin: It was just such a shitshow to get tickets.

Rose: I’m inspired!

Gideon: I’m not personally interested. The problem is that I think it’s really hurt people’s businesses, having it locked away. Telling people to stay out of London, and now they’re telling people to go back into London.

So, will London stay high?
No, I don’t think so. It’s like the Queen’s Jubilee–great build-up for a couple of days and then it all dies. Everything dies.

Dave, football agent: It’s been brilliant. People are taking more of an interest in, you know like, health and fitness… getting kids into sports.

Do you think the UK is unhealthy as a country?
It’s not for me to say, but from reading the Standard and stuff on the subway, you know, they were talking a lot about nutrition and how people are eating.

So now the UK is on its way to its physical peak?
Yeah. Hopefully it’ll have an impact on young people. Get them off the sofas and onto the track or field.

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