What Would You Think I Meant if I Told You I Just Boofed a Roll?

It could mean a lot of things. We're in New York City.

Please do not hold back, this is a forum for free expression, a chance to explain the absolute inner workings of your thought process on any number of important topics. Today’s is the classic quandary: “What would you think I meant if I told you I just boofed a roll*?”

VICE: I just boofed a roll. What did I just do?
Boof like, boof [signals sticking a finger up the butt]? That's boof, yeah. Boof a what?

A roll.
I don't know, maybe I might look at you crazy, but you know, um—it's kind of weird. Not a roll, I mean—you know, if it were something else, but—not a roll.

What's your name?
Diamond. Like, D-I-A-M-O-N-D. Like the jewel.

VICE: If I told you I just boofed a roll, what would you think happened?
Zammy: It could mean a lot of things. We're in New York City.

That's true.
I would assume it's some term for smoking a joint, but what would I know? Then again, I'm just a regular guy.

Christopher: Probably you're a waiter or an actor, and you just screwed up a part that you had.

Tyreese: Uh, I don't know. Boofed a roll—what d'you mean by "boofed"?

That's for you to figure out. What do you think it means?
I know what "boof" means in the streets, but—

Same thing.
A roll, like a roll you eat?

It's an ecstasy pill.
OH, like a lopper!

Like a what?
A lopper. A bean. Lopper.

A what?

I've never heard of that. I just call them rolls.

*(Note: it means, “ingest a pill of ecstasy by putting it up your butt.” Club kids are gross.)

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