What's Your Hangover Cure?

"Marijuana. But you have to smoke all day."

Shit. Shit. Fuck. OK. Let's do this. Goddamnit. Whoa. No, dude, I'm fine, totally fine. Just gimme a sec. Gonna be fine. Head feels kinda woggly, like my brain's sloshing around when I move it, but that's fine. All right guys, what are your hangover cures?

Heather: Sweat it out! You gotta exercise. Go running. Even though you're going to be miserable while you do it, the first ten minutes are the worst ten minutes of your life, and then you feel fantastic for the rest of the day.

Denise: Absolutely take a warm bath, submerge under, and then go back to bed and tell your brain to send oxygen to wherever you're hurting.

Chris (center): My hangover cure is water, I just drink a lot of water.
Talia (left): Pedialyte. It actually works.
Chris: Really?
Talia: I once went to a bar, and they had a crapload of it, so I asked them, "Why do you have Pedialyte?" And the guy was like, "Oh, for hangovers." All of the people who went to the bar and drank until they were cut off were given Pedialyte before they left.

What does it have in it that helps?
Talia: Electrolytes. That's what the guy told me.
Chris: Electrolytes and water.
Katherine (right): Take a Tylenol.
Chris: She's a doctor.
Katherine: No! I'm just going to med school, I don't have the official cure.

Emily: Oddly enough, a green apple.

I dunno, somehow whenever I have a hangover, I feel like a green apple because it's slightly sour. I feel like it's refreshing and kind of wakes me up a little bit.

Does it cure the nausea?
I don't know if it cures nausea, but it makes me feel better.

J.J.: Sleep. Just sleep it off, that's the only way.

What if you have work the next day?
Then you have no cure. There's no other way, there's no hope.

David (left): Oh, I haven't had a hangover in a long time.
Mike (right): I don't get that wasted.
David: I don't get hangovers anymore, but when I used to get hangovers, I'd drink Pedialyte.

Really? That's the second time I've heard that today and I had never heard about that trick before.
David: Either you drink it before you start drinking, or you drink it the next day when you wake up.

And it helps?
David: Immediately. Or the Five Hour Energy shot, that works, too.
Mike: I don't get that wasted. Once I start feeling my stuff, I fall back.

When you were younger, though, did you ever have a go-to cure?
Mike: No, I fell on my face one time.

So you just woke up with a headache?
You wanna hear something funny? I went home that night and I poured me another drink, some vodka, and I went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and used the bathroom... I didn't even know I used the bathroom until the next morning. I tore up the bathroom. My mom and my sister changed my clothes and put me back to bed. Next morning I woke up at 11 or 12, and I started smelling some good cooking, that's the only reason why I woke up. I went into the kitchen, and my sister and my mom are making flapjacks and scrambled eggs, and I realized I had different clothes than I went to bed with. So I asked them, "Why do I got on different clothes?" And they were like, "You don't know what you did last night?" I said, "No, what did I do last night?" They said, "You took the plants, and you threw them all in the bathtub. And you pissed all over yourself."

Bruce: Marijuana. But you have to smoke all day.

Bree: Keep drinking.
Zach: Best hangover cure I've ever come up with is a small bit of tequila, a raw eggs, some hot sauce, and oyster. Have you ever seen Cowboy Bebop?

Spike, when he gets drunk, that's literally what he drinks.

Sounds gross.
Zach: Well, my body naturally filters it out now.
Bree: Drinking more to cure your hangover is you have to drink what you drank last night. If you're going to drink more to get the hangover to go away, then you have to drink the same thing you drank last night.
Zach: You have to ween off. Our bodies are naturally prone to habit, so we have to ween ourselves off of whatever we were on. We can't just stop it completely. We have to slowly have less and less. Or more and more.
Bree: Why do you think I'm still fucking drinking?

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