How Many People Do You Say You've Had Sex With?

How much of a liar are you?

Legendary NBA star Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have sex with more than 20,000 women.

Once a kind gentleman I was doing naked kissing with asked how many prior partners I had, and I somehow gave him two different numbers in the span of about 15 minutes. We eventually went back to being "just friends." The cock blocking had something to do with him finding it too intimidating to date such a gentle, fragile flower blossom of a woman. You know how it is. If you're a girl, you should lowball the number. And if you're a guy, you should multiply it by three. I learned my lesson. Have you? We went out and asked British folks how many people they say they've knocked boots with.

Name and age were not given to us. Such drama.

VICE: How many people do you say you've had sex with?
Anonymous guy:

Is that different from the actual number?
Not by much.

[Off-camera friend]:
Your picture’s going to be up with this, man.
Anonymous guy: Yeeaaaah, fuck it.

Do you think having more partners makes you better in bed?
Practice makes perfect, doesn’t it?

Rob, 23, and Liz, 21.

Rob: I say five, and I think that’s true. As far as I know.

What makes people lie about their sex tally?
I think it depends if you’re male or female. Males usually bump the number up, and females usually halve the number.

Why do you think that is?
It’s just our culture, isn’t it?

Do you think that’s fair?
I’m not sure it’s not fair. I can understand why girls would feel a little bit hard done by it, but there’s pitfalls for both sexes.

What’s the pitfall for men? Having as much sex as they want and then bragging about it to their friends?
Yeah, but women have always been in control of the sex, haven’t they? 

Liz, are you in control of the sex?
Liz: No comment.

Kasia, 21: Depends who I’m talking to. I guess it’s good to stick around the ten mark.

I just met a man who told me he’d had sex with over 300 women. He was medium handsome. Would you go for it?
Oh my God. If I didn’t know, I might turn a blind eye. Depending on what he looked like.

How close is ten to your actual number?
Fairly close. I've had a bit more… Ten is lower than my actual number.

Tom, 25 (left) and Phil, 32.

Tom: I don’t even remember the last time someone asked me that. I don’t know.
Phil: I remember trying to calculate it a few years ago and thinking I’ve got no fucking idea. Somewhere between 30 and 50?

That’s a 20-woman margin of error. Or 20-man, whatever.
We’re not a couple.
Phil: What about you, what number do you tell people?

Seven. Wait, what’s going on here?
Is that different than the actual number?

It is a few off, yeah. Hang on, this is my interview.
Why lie about a few numbers?

Enough of this!

Razvan, 26: How many? I don’t understand.

What’s the number of romantic partners you would tell someone you've had. It might not be the actual number.
What website is this for? What kind of website is it? I don’t look fashionable. What’s the question?

We’re just asking everyone the same question. The question is: How many people you’ve had sex with versus...

…versus how many you say you’ve had sex with.
Just one. He is my boyfriend still.

Oh, that’s nice.
He’s OK.

Fabien, 19: Well, I’m 19 years old so… 89.

Eighty-nine. And you think that’s the average 19-year-old’s answer?
In Germany, yeah.

Is there a lot of sex happening in Germany?
All the time.

Can you repeat that? I can’t hear over the coterie of giggling German teens.
Yeah, there is. Young people are not so kinky as the old people, though. Everyone over 35 is a different thing.

How close is 89 to your real number, really?
Somewhere between close and far away.

And where do you think your number will be on your deathbed?
Well, I’m 19 now with 89… I am bad at math, but my target is 1000.


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