What Animal Do You Want to Be?

"I'd be a falcon and kill pigeons all day... Fuck pigeons!"

A bit ago we asked people what animal they were most like and got some depressing answers (they all said they were like cats, I guess because they shit in boxes of sand and treat their friends like crap). This time around, we went out on the streets of Manhattan to ask people what animal they would want to be in hopes of getting more aspirational answers.

Jim, carpenter: I’d be a falcon.

What would you do as a falcon?
I’d fly around all day and kill pigeons. I would have the best view of the city.

I always avoid pigeons. You hate them too?
Yeah, they get in my way. Fuck pigeons!

Pete (left) and “Captain” Bob, stagehands

Bob: Wolverine.

Pete: Seagull. The seagull is actually an animal of god.

Bob: Seagulls are not animals of god. They eat garbage.

Why a wolverine, Bob?
Bob: It’s Captain Bob. A wolverine is vicious. It can go up against a bear. Not that I’m vicious. I’m a nice guy.

What about you, Pete: why a seagull?
Pete: They’re religious birds, very beautiful.

Captain Bob: I’ll be a wolverine, if I can still smoke weed.

Anthony, unemployed: I would be a cat. No, wait. Maybe a bird.

Cats eat birds. You’d rather be a bird?

To fly the fuck out of New York.

You don’t like New York?
Well I’m homeless. [Points to his blanket on the steps of a church] I used to be a nurse, then I was fired and joined Occupy Wall Street and now I’m homeless.

Where are you from?
South Hampton, Long Island [laughs].

Robert, school administrator: I would be a dog.

Why a dog?
You get everything you need and somebody feeds you. All you need to do is be nice to your owner.

What would you do during your day as a dog?
I’d be chilling.

Alina (left) and Andy, musicians in the German band Frida Gold

Andy: I would be an elephant. They’re very big and at the same time very quiet.

What would you do all day?
Andy: I would just walk around being tall. You need to be tall, especially in New York.

What about you Alina?
Alina: I would be a panther. Is that the word?

Alina: I would be a black panther because they are so beautiful.

Dom, frozen-yogurt truck driver: I have no idea.

You have no idea?
I don’t know. Why should I tell you? 

You’d be helping me out.
I guess I’d have to say a cat.

Why a cat?
Cats get to play with yarn all day.

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