What Does God Look Like?

We ran into a bunch of Occupiers, who shared their hippie-fied conceptions of God. One even showed us her boobs.

Religions around the world not only have differing opinions on what kind of animals you can eat and what kind of sex you can have, they also offer radically differing conceptions of god, from a many-armed woman riding a tiger (Hindus) to a bunch of shape-shifting rapists (ancient Greeks) to talking animals (Native Americans) to a dead Jewish dude (Christians). But in these fractured times, everyone has their own idea of what God looks like, so we went over to New York's Union Square to ask passersby about their conception of God. We ran into a bunch of Occupy protestors while we were there, which explains some of these rather hippie-fied answers:

Mary: Hmm. I don't really think of God as one individual being that exists up there. I think of God as being within each of us. I've never been a very religious person, I believe in good and bad energy and how you pass that on and how that affects the overall energy of communities and the overall world.

So, what does that look like?
God looks like people. God looks like acts of kindness and what we do to keep the world safe.

Jessica: A uterus.

Why do you think a uterus?
It's my last image of pre-life.

That's where life comes from.

Jules: Well God made us in His image, so He looks like you and me.

Do you think He looks like a generic human or is He the embodiment of everyone?
I don't know. (Pauses for an entire minute.) I think that he looks exactly like us.

Like, specifically, you and me?

Taylor: Probably the generic God stereotype. Big white beard, white robe, etc.

Why do you think that's the common image?
That's what we've been brought up to believe.

It's the symbols, right?
Symbols, paintings around the world. Either that or he's a dove.

A dove?
The Holy Trinity.

Adil: I cannot say because I've never seen God.

What do you picture when you hear the word?
Adil: I cannot even imagine because God is...GOD!
Murad: Nobody can picture him.
Adil: Are you Muslim?

Murad: You cannot ask us this anymore.

I'm asking everybody what God looks like.
Murad: You cannot ask a Muslim what God looks like.

Why not?
: As a Muslim, you cannot even picture Him.
Adil: Nobody can imagine what God looks like, nobody can know what He looks like. Nobody.

Are you allowed to guess?
We don't have a way to think, "What is God? What does He look like? Is He big, small." You get in very big trouble with God if you think like that.
Adil: He'll punish you.
Murad: He'll be angry with you.

Guy Standing Next to Boob Girl: Probably these?

Boob Girl: Like today, it's gorgeous out.

Shamus: God is a sentient bag of Doritos underneath the Cheyenne mountains in a CIA server, and He controls YouTube comments.

Why would God pay attention to YouTube comments?
That's the way that God expresses His frustration with humanity.

And how does He control them?
I would say He just stirs the pot. I would say 90 percent of moronic comments on YouTube are still humans.

If He's a bag of Doritos, He doesn't have hands, so how does He stir the pot?
This is a logical trap; it's a metaphorical bag of Doritos. I don't really picture God's face. Can we? I can picture Doritos, though. I don't know. I'll go halfway.

So under the mountains, He has internet.
He IS the internet.

Excuse me, can I talk to you?
Guy with Cardboard Cross: Don't look to me, look to God.

I wanted to talk about God, I wanted to ask you what you think He looks like. ANGELS AND MONSTERS, ANGELS AND MONSTERS!

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