What's Going to be the Best Technology of Tomorrow?

Can technology improve anything other than porn? We asked some schlubs, and Parker Posey.

Back in the Golden Age of science fiction, there was a great deal written about ways science would make our lives easier and better—robots would do the hard stuff, pneumatic tubes would shuttle us to and from our cushy jobs, our wives' breasts would stay perky forever (most of this sci-fi was written by men). Then a shift occurred and now we're just hoping the machines don't eventually enslave us all. But surely there is some glimmer of hope that technology will improve the world in ways besides making fetish porn more available? To see what people were looking forward to, we asked some schlubs we found in the park—and Parker Posey!

Luke: Anything that would make long-distance transportation faster. Like very fast planes. That or teleportation.

Teleportation? Aren't you worried about any abominations like in The Fly? Or are you willing to take that risk?
I guess it should go through testing.

Ned: I don't really think technology is very good for people. I think I'd take the Rousseauian track, that development in the arts and science and technology contributes to the moral degradation of mankind.

Kind of a Luddite, huh?
Certainly nobody could say that technology is absolutely bad. It's contributed to a higher quality of life for most of people on this planet especially in this country.

Well then what piece of technology is the worst?
Telecommunications. As great as it is as an abstract idea, I think it cheapens the value of face-to-face contact. Generally the way technology has contributed to globalizing our encounters with one another and broadening our sense of community is both good and bad.

Sophie: Time portals. So you could like go back to the 60s and see the Rolling Stones.

Irena: Floating cars. Like a floating Mini Cooper or something.

Venice: Hoverboards!

Maya: Squirrel-repelling nano-machines. Get away! Get these squirrels away! They're just like rats with bushy tails. So much disease. Get away!

It's their park too.
Yeah but I'm not going up to them and touching them. I want an iPad. I want someone to buy me an iPad. That's what I'm anticipating. Do we really need all this technology? I have a book, I like reading books.

Parker: When everyone's a hologram.

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