What Is Your Favorite Deadly Sin?

We took our portable confession booth into the streets of London.

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Back in the day, if you needed moral guidance you would call on your local religious minister. He would tell you that whatever you were doing was definitely offensive to whatever deity you were obliged to worship, before raping your kids or sending you off to war. These days, we’re free to enjoy our moral bankruptcy and go to hell without some pompous intermediary giving us grief about it while we’re on Earth. We hit the depraved streets of London to find out which of the seven deadly sins people like doing the most.

VICE: So, what is your favorite of the seven deadly sins?
Greed probably. Yep, greed. I LOVE money.

Why do you LOVE money?
I want to be rich and I want to be famous. I believe money will bring me happiness.

What would you spend your riches on?
Cars, women, boats... whatever I can get my fucking hands on!

John: I’ve come from the mad, mad days of the 60s and 70s, and I suppose I’ve never grown up... so lust, I’m afraid.

Tell us about those days, John.
You know back then, you'd meet someone and you'd go with them and the next day you were out. You'd meet someone else and you'd go with them too, and the next day you were out. Then you'd meet someone else and you'd...

Are you settled down now?
No, I’ve split from my wife I’m afraid.

How's that working out for you? Bet you're feeling pretty freewheelin' right now?
Aww. Yeah, even at my age you can, these days. If you look after yourself. Tarmacking keeps you fit. It's better than going down to the gym! I still got my six packs, and that.

How sexually liberated do you feel people are now, as opposed to how they were in the 60s?
It's coming back to how it was, people are forgetting about the AIDS.

VICE: Hi there. Could you tell us, out of the seven deadly sins, what would be your favorite?

You know the seven deadly sins?
No, I’ve never heard of that.

OK. There’s lust, greed, sloth, gluttony, etc. Which would you say, out of those, is your favorite?
None of them.

None of them?
No, I don’t like any of them.

Would you say that you are a good person?

Are you really religious, too?

Everyone must sin a little bit?
Not me.

You never get tempted?


VICE: So Beth, do you know what the seven deadly sins are?
Ummm, yeah: gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, envy...

Could you say which is your favorite?
Gluttony! [points at the large brown paper bag in her hand] Here is a giant bread from St. John's.

Is St. John's a bakery?
There’s a restaurant called St. John's Bread and Wine just across form Spitalfields. You can get delicious bread.

And what else? Wine?
Yes. And brownies!

I bet you picked up some of those too, didn't ya?
I did.

VICE: Hey there, Felicitas Zalakarious. Would you say that your parents are guilty of vanity?
Felicitas Zakalarious
: No, it's not their fault, they are Greek. Our names are like that. But we also all like food.

So your favorite sin is gluttony!
Oh man, I really like food. Especially spicy food, all the exotic stuff. And all the sweet stuff, too, like pralines!

What your favorite flavor ice cream?
Everything with nuts! I’m half Greek, as I said, so we all just love everything with nuts and honey and stuff.

Would you ever consider combining two diff types of sin? Like food and lust?
Sex and food? Absolutely!

VICE: Hi there. We are from VICE Magazine. Could we talk to you for a minute about the seven deadly sins?
The devil, it’s basically... There’s good and bad in all of us and people have to portray the devil as some red being with horns—that’s the mythological way of showing people the devil, what the Christians and the Catholics portray. So we are going through what the Christians and the Catholics—sorry, the white brothers—have been saying about the good and the bad, but it’s all just an image and a myth. Like, Darth Vader could be the devil!

You're right. He could.
Sorry, I've gone off track... We sin every day, baby! There’s no favorite!

There must be one you enjoy being guilty of the most?
Why? No! Sex?!

Yeah, lust is one of the deadly sins.
No it’s not!

According to...
According to! Don’t bring it out of context! You know what I’m saying. It's a way to control the masses when you put these things into categories like greed, lust, sloth—we all got these things in us, right? We're all animals, right? We are humans, but we're mammals. We came from animals, so it’s natural. Are you getting bored?

What’s your favorite sin then?

I kind of have to agree with you that they are all great.
That’s what I’m saying! That’s just what the media does. What the Bible and all that fake shit does. Stop it! Drop it! Come again! Start again. Reprogram, Thank you.

VICE: What is your favorite sin, Magnus?
Magnus: Um, I don’t know how to translate it but in Latin it's called “Arcadia.” They call it the illness of the monks, don't you know. It just means that you are indifferent.

Indifference? That's not a sin.
It is, I think. It's like you are fed up and you're not engaging. It's not my favorite, but I could say that it is my worst; the one that I do the most.

What do you do to conquer it?
I don’t. I feel the meaninglessness of everything.

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