What’s the Sexiest Accent?

Getting laid must be hard if you're from Boston.

It’s undeniably sexy when a lithe young Latina temptress shimmies up to you and whispers—her breath hot in your ear—that she wants you to spend the night with her and satisfy every deranged desire you can think of. It’s undeniably less sexy when the same thing happens, but the lithe young Latina temptress has a Southie accent. Some vocal inflections are just hotter than others, OK? To figure out which accents are most likely to inspire carnal passions, we went out on the streets and asked some ordinary folks.

Emily from New York (middle): Definitely Irish. 
Kate from New York (left): Anything that's not common is attractive to me. 
Denise from New York (right): Oh, like Midwestern? Mmm. Just kidding. 

What accent do you find the least sexy? 
All three: New York. New Yaaaaawk. New Jersey. Long Island. Staten Island. 

Denise: It sounds dumb. Uneducated. 
Emily: We don't see what's special about it... I don't think many people see what's special about the New York accent. 

Muhammad from Dubai: Lebanese. It's an Arabic accent.

Lebanese ladies are hot. And they talk sexy.

Fahad from Dubai: I like Brazilian accents.

What accent do you find the least sexy?
British. It's very strong. And they don't pronounce the last letter.

Nolan from Los Angeles: Irish. It's very beautiful and flowy. 

And the least sexy?

If you meet a person with a German accent do you not like them?
Not necessarily. I know a couple people with German accents. They're still my friends.

Jamie from Queens: French. France has this whole sexy feel.

Which is the least sexy accent?
The Nebraskan accent. Haha.

Really? Nebraskans don't have much of an accent.
Oh. Probably Chinese then.

It's a very hard kind of a language. All of their words are pumpy and fast. It sort of scares you away.

Anna from the Netherlands: Canadian. 

How is that different from American?
It's not as sharp.

So if you hear an American and a Canadian speaking, how can you tell the difference?
If they say "eh."

What about the least sexy?
Pakistani or Indian. Sometimes I can't understand it, because English is not my first language. So it's a little bit unclear to me.

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