What’s Your Favorite Curse Word?

Shit. But when I say it, it sounds more like, "sheeeiit!"

Everybody knows we have potty mouths here at VICE. Foul language rolls off our tongue like lukewarm lullabies. But even as masters of all things vulgar, we can still learn a thing or two about blaspheming. So, we hit the streets to see if random New Yorkers could teach us some new ways to berate our interns.  

Landon: Probably fuck, because there’s so many different ways that I can utilize it, in so many different manners. Also, it rhymes with a lot of different shit. I think it’s a good word.

What’s your favorite situation to use fuck in?
I like to say it as a seemingly apathetic exclamation.  Maybe something really great will happen or maybe something really terrible will happen, and I’ll just be like, "fuck." Or like, "what the fuck?"

Tiffany: I really like calling guys cunts. I think that’s actually my favorite curse word.

Cunt over everything?
Yeah, it’s so satisfying to call a guy a cunt, because they get really upset and act like a little bitch.

Calling a guy a cunt is like calling a girl an asshole.
Yeah. I like to call girls assholes too. But crossing the gender border makes guys more upset.

Matthew: Shit, because everybody talks about all the shit they have to do and everything is becoming a big pile of shit.

Yeah it is. I listen to shit, people are talking shit, I go get the shit from the grocery store so I have shit to eat. Life can be shitty. Shit happens. I love shit!

Hiato/ Nicole: Schlampe.

What does that mean?
Hiato: It means slut in German.

You just like it because no one else knows what you're saying.
Hiato: Yeah. It’s just a me and her thing because we both take German.

Wait so explain the meaning again.
Nicole: It’s like a hybrid of slut and whore.

Can you say it in lots of circumstances?
Hiato: Yeah.
Nicole: We do.

What if you stubbed your toe?
Nicole: I would say scheisse [German for shit]
Hiato: Yeah, scheisse.

Why not schlampe?
Hiato: Schlampe’s a person. You describe something shitty happening to you as scheisse.

Leah: Shit. But when I say it, it sounds more like, "sheeeiit!"

What's so great about that?
It’s just fun to say. 

Say it again.

Thanks for that.

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