What Was the First Record You Ever Bought?

If it wasn't one of those "Now" tapes, you're probably lying.

Remember New Kids on the Block? Boyz II Men? The Spice Girls? And when you had to buy whole albums on CDs—or better yet—wrangled cassette tapes just to listen to one song? Before you turned into a self-proclaimed music snob attending the most underground house shows, hiding your 679 editions of Now That’s What I Call Music!, and dropping obscure band names like Sphincter Jesus and the Tape Worms, what did you listen to? Better yet, what was the first record you ever bought? We asked a few people to see what music they purchased back in the day to soothe their teen angst. 

Wayne, 39: Oh, that’s a trip down memory lane. It’s probably something awful, like Madonna’s True Blue album.

How old were you?

Do you still find the album as exciting as you used to?
I haven’t listened to it in about ten years.

Thomas, 25: It was Harvest by Neil Young.

What made you buy that?
It had such a nice cover, I saw it in the record store, and it just felt really nice. The word "harvest" is really attractive to me.

How old were you?
Sixteen, maybe.

Was Neil Young your teenage idol?
Not really, you know. I knew about him. I think Zakk Wylde did a cover of one of his songs, which put me on to Neil Young. There is something about him, I don’t want to say his "energy" and sound like a hippy, but…

I don't know how to put this, really, but you do look like a bit of a hippy, Thomas.

Jess, 30: The Beatles! And I’m French. You know, I don’t even know how I bought the album. I was nine at the time. It was their live at the BBC recording.

Was it vinyl?
No, it was a CD.

How did you get into The Beatles?
I think it was my cousin; he listened to lots of AC/DC and Beatles.

What was your favorite Beatles song?
"Let Me Go." No, it was an old song. I know... "Love Me Do."

Who was your favorite Beatle?
I loved all five of them.

Chris, 55:
Oh god, I can’t think back that far, David Bowie or something like that.

What was it about Bowie that appealed to you?
I just liked the music, the whole style, and the craziness. It was different.

How has David Bowie influenced you throughout your life?
I’m a balding store manager with no musical ability whatsoever, so, I guess, not at all.

Sarah, 21 (left)  and Tim, 21.

Sarah: Errr… I think it was Ziggy Stardust.

You're young, why Bowie?
I was brought up on Bowie and I just got my new CD player, so I wanted something to play and I found it for like $2 or something.

What about you, Tim?
Tim: Sum 41.

What made you buy that?
The music video got me into them, the whole swimming pool thing. They were the closest thing to anti-establishment in music at the time.

Naina, 20: The Spice Girls album, Wannabe. I’ve always been into that since I was little.

Do you still listen to the album?
Yeah, even more so now, it’s a classic. I could listen to it any time.

Adi, 47: Mott the Hoople, Roll Away the Stone. It was around at that time in the 70s and my dad was playing it, too.

What was the first record you went out and bought on your own?
It would have been something rock-orientated. I can’t remember a specific artist, but I do like Joy Division. I saw New Order two years after Curtis’ death and they did a 20-minute version of "Transmission" dedicated to him, it was amazing.

Claire, 31: I think it was Space, "Avenging Angels." It was a CD single. I loved it.

What did you love about it?
I can’t remember, it was a long time ago.

There must have been something you liked about it?
Sorry, I’m in a rush.


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