What Would You Say to God?

Why did you kill my mother?

Look, we don't know if there is a God, gods, or we are just sentient beings floating through the void. But even if you aren't a believer, you've probably thought about what you would say to God if you ever met it after death or at a cocktail party or whatever—at least you should be thinking about that since the world seems to be hurtling ever closer towards the apocalypse. We hit the streets and asked people if they had their statements to god all worked out.

Sophia: I don't believe in God, so...

Let's just say that it/he/she existed.
On the basis of what?

Look, you're having a drink and someone comes up to you and that someone is God. What would you say?
That's a hard question.

It is a hard question.
I've never thought about it. I feel like it's something I have to think about... Maybe, "Hello."

You'd just say, "Hello"?

Josh: Why did you kill my mother?

So you want to confront God for that?
Well, I'd like to.

He can be a bastard... If He's actually there. 

Drew: "You exist?"

If you could have that conversation, what do you think you'd talk about?
I don't think God exists, I'm sorry.

I don't really believe in God, either. We're just speaking theoretically.
OK, so we're positing that there is a God... you mean like the Christian God?

Or a flying spaghetti monster or anything you want.
I don't know. "Why is there so much evil in the world? If you're omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent, you should probably be able to do something about all of that."

That is pretty intense.
Yeah, it's complicated to think about. I feel kind of ambushed. I don't have a lot of theologically appropriate responses right now.

Joe: I'd just tell him to stop all of the corruption in the world—particularly in the banking and the police system.

You think He's in charge of the banks?
If he's God, that means he's in charge of the people. What they can and can't do.

Are you a believer?
I was religious once, but not so much anymore.

Georgia (left): I'd just want to know if there's infinity and what life is all about. I would ask him questions. Rather than tell him stuff, I'd ask for explanations.

What about infinity, exactly?
I would like to know what happens when we die—if that's just it or if there's something more like a cycle. And with the universe, I want to know if there's an end to it or not.

Emily (right): I think I would ask if there is another life besides this one. I'm really curious about that. But I wouldn't really tell him anything, I'd probably just ask questions as well. Like why do certain things happen.

Do you think everything happens for a reason?
Emily: Yes. I think there's always a reason why, a reason beyond something that you do, that makes things possible.

Georgia: I would also like to ask him what he or she or it is. Because we don't even know! We're talking about it but, who is God?

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