What's in a Woman's Ideal World?

Is it handbags and shoes, or just someone who puts up with all your shit?

Welcome to Question of the Day. It gives interns something to do!

Men have a lot of misconceptions about women. Most of the women I meet have misconceptions about women, too. Apropos of this, I hit the streets to find out how many people think the answer to today's question is "shoes and handbags."

Terry, 37 (left) and George, 21.

If a woman could build her own, perfect world from scratch, what would she fill it with?
 Shoes and handbags.
George: Same answer. Shoes and handbags.

Are women’s interests really that shallow?
The ones that I’ve met are. Not everyone’s like that, but the ones I’ve met just want shoes and handbags.

Maybe you’re going out with the wrong women.
Terry: Probably.

If I asked what’s in a man’s ideal world, and women replied "beer and football," would you agree with that?

You guys are boring.

Jessica, 24 (left) and Chiara, 21.

What’s in a woman’s ideal world?
[looking at each other] Friends, definitely.
Chiara: Friends and... clothes?
Jessica: Music. I love music.
Chiara: A perfect boyfriend maybe. Although...
Jessica: They don’t exist! [both laugh]

Who’s the perfect boyfriend?
Someone who puts up with all your shit.

Jordan, 28.

What do you reckon is in a woman’s ideal world?
God only knows... lots of food. Women love to eat. Maybe some champagne to wash it down. 

The guys I asked before you said "shoes and handbags." Are women really that shallow, Jordan?
The women that I hang out with are. Maybe it’s because I’m gay, so straight women are always talking about shoes and handbags with me. But maybe it’s actually careers and money, and happiness and family. Who knows?

Not me.

Jess, 24.

What do you think is in a woman’s ideal world?
That’s a hard one. Everything at their disposal, I suppose.

The men I spoke to all said shoes.
Yeah, I think that’s definitely one. 

What about a partner?
No, I don’t think so.

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