When Is It OK to Pee in a Jar?

Sure, Glenn Beck can pee in jars and sell the pee on the internet for thousands of dollars. But what about regular folks, folks who don't have media empires? When is it OK for them to whizz in a jar?

One of our favorite outsider artists, Glenn Beck, recently made a daring new work in which he filled a jar with his pee (or some liquid he said was his pee), put an Obama figurine in it, then tried to sell it for $250,000. This is a brilliant commentary on politics, art, free speech, and consumerism, as well as an excellent excuse to think about Glenn Beck’s dick (we imagine it to be short, fat, and solidly conservative). But is it normal behavior for an average person—as opposed to a visionary like Glenn—to pee in a jar? We asked some people on the street who looked like they would know under what circumstances urinating in a jar or a bottle would be OK.

Michael, art director at a gallery: When you don’t want to leave the studio.

Any other time?
I suppose when you’re drunk.

When was the last time that you peed in a jar or bottle?
I can’t think of the last time.

Do you have a specific fond memory of doing it?

You don’t particularly enjoy it?
As I man, I think I’d rather just pee on the street.

That’s a really good point.

Ashley: For a urine sample.

Any other time?
If you’re going to a festival or something.

When is the last time that you peed in a jar or bottle?
Never. I’ve never had to.

Would you say you’re curious about it?

Kevin, artist: When I’m drunk and my roommate is in the bathroom. Actually, I have two of them in my room right now that I forgot to take out.

Sunita, food service worker: I guess if there’s no other option, and those that are around you are okay with it and there’s loud music.

So people don’t hear the peeing?

When was the last time you did it?
It was an aluminum can in bumper-to-bumper traffic in a U-Haul. I was with a male friend. I did it in the passenger seat into a Fresca can over a pizza box. He was OK with it but then he said wait and turned some music on and it was like—

Was it metal?

Was it System of a Down?

Tallie, actor: I think that it actually happens a lot. Any time that you really have to go to the bathroom. But not in public. Probably not in public.

Would you rather pee in a jar or a bottle?

What kind of jar?
Mason jar.

What was the last time you peed in a jar or a bottle?
It happened recently and I got some on my hand because I was trying to make it in and I just misjudged because it always comes higher up than you think it’s going to.

Where is the urethra?
It’s up higher than you think. Is it under the clitoris?

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