Which Album Would You Listen to for the Rest of Your Life?

Some people are too busy watching "American Idol" to listen to a record over and over until they can't possibly listen to it any more and then rediscover it years later and be like, "Yeah, I knew that shit was good," and decide that it is the album...

Not everybody is like your dumb ass, waiting in line in the rain outside of some trendy record store to spend the money that you should be using to pay off your student debt on some "limited edition" colored vinyl album by an obscure band that is revered for making unlistenable music and having a name that is a synonym for feces. Most common folk—the kind of people that unabashedly wear Crocs—stopped buying albums with the advent of the internet. They don't know the feeling you get after buying an amazing new album. They're too busy watching American Idol or eating things that are deep-fried to listen to a record over and over until they can't possibly listen to it any more and then rediscover it years later and be like, "Yeah, I knew that shit was good," and decide that it is the album they could happily listen to for the rest of their life.

So how about it? What album could you listen to until the worms eat into your brain?

VICE: If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, which album would you choose?
Justin, Connecticut: It’s got to be an album by Shinedown. Probably, their latest album, Amaryllis. It’s just so heart provoking. They’re very rocky. You know Shinedown, right?

I have no clue what you’re talking about.
Well, they’re more alternative rock.

Jennifer, Flushing: I like Bruno Mars. His first album, because he sings better than any other singer.

What does his voice sound like?
Very lovely—romantic.

Emma, Westchester County: Watch the Throne because Jay-Z and Kanye are badass.
Alan, Washington Heights: Nightmare by Avenge Sevenfold, because they’re my favorite band.

Why are they your favorite band?
Alan: Because they’re both screamo and metal. That shit’s hardcore.

There are a lot of metal bands. What makes Avenge Sevenfold different?
 They began doing screamo and metal, and now it’s mostly hard rock. They’ve evolved with the times. They’re different than other bands. Their songs perfectly coincide with my life.
Emma: Oh, man!
Alan: She does that when I say their songs coincide with my life.

Why do their songs symbolize your life?
Anyone can relate to their songs.

Monica, East Village: How I Spent My Summer Vacation by the Bouncing Souls because they’re my favorite band. I’ve listened to them for ten years.

Sophie, London: The Stone Roses’ self-titled first album. It’s uplifting. It’s nice. It’s summertime.
James, London: Give Em’ Enough Rope by The Clash. It reminds me of being 14.

Do you miss being 14?
Yes. Life is so much easier at 14.

How old are you now?

Does life suck?

Claire, San Francisco: Perhaps, like, a Beatles album, I think? Maybe…The White Album? I’m really torn with this question. What would you do?
Laura, San Francisco: I have no idea.

If you don’t answer you’re going to die.
Black Keys’ Brothers because every song is really good.

Abby, East Village: That’s really tough. Oh. Wait! I’m going to say something musical theater. Rent! I grew up with it as a kid, and even ten years later it still sticks with me.

Yeah. Nothings better for 14-year-olds than an original Broadway cast recording of a musical about AIDS.

James, Queens: Waking the Fallen by Avenge Sevenfold. My favorite song of all time is on it, “Chapter Four.”

What’s great about Avenge Sevenfold?
I like his voice a lot. They have very melodic guitars—a lot of musical skills.

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