Who's the Worst Person You've Ever Met?

What makes a person terrible? Apparently it involves making fun of a river costume or being the head of state of a European country.

Welcome to Question of the Day. It gives interns something to do!

What makes a person terrible? Doing bad things? Believing bad things? What about lying to your parents about shitting on the dining room carpet during your birthday party? Who's the worst person you've ever met? 

Deer, 27, driller: Definitely Eyal Golan. He’s a singer in Israel.

OK, but why?
He was just wearing a thong and I had to watch it because I was backstage. He was also pretty terrible.

Is there anything you want to say to him now?
Yeah, bon voyage.

Linn, 23, PR intern/ DJ: That must be my old roommate.

It was a complete mess and just didn’t work out. I'll give you a clue why, it involved stealing...

What did she steal from you?
Clothes, money, everything.

If you could say anything to her now, what would you say?
"I hope you’ve sorted your shit out."

Lauren, 21, studio assistant: A girl I used to work with.

Because she was just a bit of a bitch, to be honest. She was very controlling and a bit sly. She used to go around to other people and bitch about everybody. 

How did you deal with this bitch?
Well, I left the job, but that was for other reasons as well.

What reasons?
Not telling.

What would you say to her now?
Nothing really. I don’t really care now that I’m not with her. The bitch can do whatever she fucking wants.

Nicola, 21, shop assistant: I would say maybe my math teacher at school.

Because he’s a maths teacher.

What did he do that was so bad?
Actually, he managed to make my best friend fail her exams, so that’s kind of a good reason. He gave her the lowest mark possible, but she didn’t deserve it.

Did you pass?

Well, well, well, it looks like we have a genius on our hands.

Nicky, 28, artist: I met Chris Packham, from The Really Wild Show, once when I was a kid. It was at a fancy dress competition at my school. I was only about nine or ten and I was dressed up as a river.

You were dressed as a river?
Yeah, my mom dressed me up as a river. I had loads of garbage stuck all over me. He said I looked terrible. I was really upset.

Oh my God! I always thought he'd be a cool guy. He likes The Smiths.
I just think he looks awful now because he hasn’t got bleached hair any more.

But you do.
Yeah, so I’ve got my own back.

Is that a Dave Benson Phillips joke?

Tom, 27, student: Well, it’s a very tough question. I think it’s a girl I dated. She was horrible. She cheated on me, but actually I can understand her?

Why? Were you that bad a boyfriend?
I didn’t love her, really, so I didn’t give her love.

What would you say to her now?
"It wasn’t nice, but I don’t mind. Fuck it."


Maria, 28, musician: Hmm, quite hard, I’m not the kind of person who thinks somebody is evil. I think it could be somebody very close to me, so I can’t talk about it.

Who’s the second-worst?
The French president, I think.

You’ve met the French president?

Then you can't have the French president.

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