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Is Drake Fashionable?

On this episode of October's Very Owned, a look at Drake's sense of style.

by Noisey Staff
Oct 25 2017, 2:49pm

Close your eyes and picture Drake. Obviously, you've pictured him naked. Get your head out of the gutter and imagine some clothes on him, please. Thanks, pervert. OK, what's he wearing? Probably some big-ass sweater, right? Or maybe some OVO sweats? Or maybe you're thinking of post-workout t-shirt Drake?

Drake definitely has his own sense of style, but is he "good" with fashion? Naturally, we have no idea and instead deferred to two style-conscious editors from i-D, Hannah Ongley and Andre Wheeler, who are more or less of the opinion that he has fashion sense of a lame uncle.

Listen to this episode below or on Apple Podcasts. It's like MTV's House of Style, except with more jokes about Canada.