People Told Us the Most Annoying Thing About Their Partner

"Gets off on popping my pimples."

by Anna Goldfarb
Jul 13 2017, 3:54pm

Illustrationer af Brandon Celi

Even when you love your partner, sometimes they do things that get under your skin. Some are horrible with money, some have weird hygiene quirks, and others can't seem to put their fucking phone down for one goddamn second. We asked our friends and co-workers to spill the beans about what their partner does that drives them batty. Here's what they said.

"Hasn't read a book in years." - Nicole, 37

"Gets off on popping my pimples." - Jane, 23

"Completely obsessed with MTV's Teen Moms." - Jessica, 25

"Blurts out indiscriminate rap lyrics constantly." - Jarri, 24

"Refuses to quit smoking. Hate it." - Cecily, 34

"Can't cook, can't drive, won't clean." - Zoe, 32

"Posts weepy status updates on Facebook." - Luke, 24

"Spends his money on dumb shit." - Mary, 31

"Hoarding hoarding hoarding hoarding hoarding hoarding." - Alex, 33

"Picks nose like there's gold there." - Kelly, 28

"Terrible breath. Always fights with sister." - Taylor, 32

"Throws dishes when she's feeling angry." - Zach, 28

"He never pays his parking tickets." - Liz, 34

"Works nights and weekends. I don't." - Dom, 32

"Always takes selfies at the gym." - Melissa, 38

"She is always on her phone." - Jon, 36

"Guilts me into continuously breaking plans." - MJ, 26

"Only cuts toenails twice a year." - Ria, 28

"Leaves toenail clippings on bedside dresser." - Tanya, 25

"Bites toenails. Bites toenails. BITES. TOENAILS." - Sarah, 28

"Won't pay back her student loans." - Dave, 39

"Leaves beard hairs all around sink." - Jen, 33

"We're married, refuses to use nicknames." - Liz, 28

"Drinks too much. Never has money." - LeAnne, 23

"Insists on putting Sriracha on everything." - Coleen, 35

Illustration by Brandon Celi.

"Says Creed is a good band." - Francesca, 33

"Cleans my ears with bobby pins." - Jared, 33

"She checks text messages while fucking." - Greg, 27

"He hates animals, children, and sweets." - Beth, 31

"He shaves his arms and legs." - Kate, 21

"She's friends with all her exes." - Keith, 33

"Sometimes she's stinky. Won't wear deodorant." - Justin, 29

"Always quotes 80s movies. It's annoying." - Juliet, 36

"Talks to her mom every day." - Omeed, 37

"Compares everything to episodes of Simpsons." - Jill, 22

"Watches Adam Sandler movies on Netflix." - Ariel, 29

"He never checks his voicemail messages." - Penelope, 31

"Stays out late with skateboarding buddies." - Sara, 28

"Allergic to doing his own laundry." - Corinne, 26

"Blows all his money on drugs." - Melissa, 22

"Insists on sleeping with TV on." - Ginny, 30

"Drinks Diet Coke with her breakfast." - Sonya, 24

"She's a very, very strict vegan." - Joseph, 26

"Bathes in hand sanitizer. Smells medicinal." - Laura, 21

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