This Is a Note That Scarface Thinks Lil Wayne is the Best

"He’s not one of the best, he’s probably THE best," he told HipHopDX last year.
June 6, 2017, 9:37pm
Illustration by Michael Alcantara

Day 259: "Forgot About Me" feat. Lil Wayne and Bun B – Scarface, Emeritus**, 2008**

Yesterday, I wrote about a song that featured both Scarface and Lil Wayne, exploring a bit of the love triangle between Rap-A-Lot, No Limit, and Cash Money. Naturally, that led me to look into other songs that Scarface and Wayne might have done together, which led me to an interesting little Google find, via HipHopDX. In a video the site produced last year, they got Scarface on the phone talking about Wayne, and he offered up this quote:

I think that Wayne will go down in history as one of the best. He's not one of the best, he's probably THE best. Wayne, that's a dangerous lil' nigga, man… he'll be the greatest rapper of his time. He's a millennial. He'll be the greatest millennial of all time. Nobody can beat him. You give me a motherfucker that popped out their ass in the 1980s that's THAT good. Shout out to Lil Wayne, man. He's so fucking dope.

Scarface would know because he made this dope-as-hell song with Wayne and Bun B for his 2008 album Emeritus, where Wayne offers up such quotables as, "Just when they thought it was safe / I picked up the phone and called it a day" and "My mind is wandering, I can't find it / but ten times out of ten, my mind on the money." It's also amazing listening to this song back to back with the Willie D one from yesterday. If Wayne in 2000 was a kid with promise, Wayne in 2008 is a swaggering force on a track, an absolutely ferocious presence. Lucky for us, he's matched by 'Face's own ferocity, as well as Bun B's.

But I think the most telling thing, here, to echo Scarface's point, is Wayne's line of, "And it ain't over 'til the fat lady sing / and that bitch got a whole lot more weight to gain." Wayne already has a claim to being the greatest of all time, but I'd argue he's right that there's still plenty of that legacy left to be written. I'm still excited to see what Lil Wayne has up his sleeve, and if that puts me on the same side of history as Scarface, well, that's a good place to be.

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