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Meet the Democrats Who Want to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Democrats for Life of America think life should be protected from "womb to tomb."

by VICE News
May 22 2019, 2:51pm

Democrats for Life of America is a group of, well, Democrats. But they’re conflicted about whether President Donald Trump should stay in the White House for another term.

“That’s a very tough question,” said the group’s director, Kristin Day. "When we're looking long-term at the future health of the party, you know what we do, of course, we'd like to see a Democrat elected, but then you have to think strategy, too."

The “strategy” Day is referring to is overturning Roe v. Wade, the 1973 landmark Supreme Court case that legalized abortion nationwide. Day and her group think a life should be protected from “womb to tomb.” And in their opinion, Democrats protect the entire life of a human better than Republicans do. Democrats for Life also backed Amy Comey Barrett, a judge on Trump’s shortlist for the Supreme Court who suggested that Roe was an “erroneous” decision.

But Republicans have been the driving force behind a recent series of aggressive abortion restrictions passed in states like Alabama and Georgia. They’re hoping to trigger a lawsuit that could incite the Supreme Court, which now has a conservative majority with Justice Brett Kavanaugh, to overturn Roe.

As a party, Democrats are pushing back against those restrictions. Several 2020 contenders have proposed protecting access to abortion in federal law. And Sen. Kristen Gillibrand told VICE News in Georgia last week that there’s “no room” to elect anti-abortion Democrats in the party.

But Day thinks that’s a misguided platform.

“If you get rid of the pro-life Democrats, what happens usually is they are replaced with Republicans,” Day said. “So is that what she wants in the rest of the country?”

This segment originally aired May 21, 2019, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

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