The Best 4/20 Gifts For Your Stoner Friends, According to Their Sign

Futuristic vapes, energizing tinctures, and eco-friendly dabs to get your friends as high as the stars.
April 15, 2019, 5:28pm

We consult the stars to divine whether an ex is over us, which 90s trend to try, and what to binge-stream next. So why not use astrology to navigate the endless stream of new weed products? Whether you’re shopping for an early-adapter Aquarius or design-obsessed Scorpio, this crop of products is as fresh as just-harvested kush. Take a gander and get inspired to give (or get) these next-level gifts.

Photo from Lazarus Naturals

Aries: Calming CBD Tincture

This high-potency CBD tincture oil will help ambitious, impatient Aries get into a productive headspace, minus the Sunday scaries-level stress. To match their fiery energy, opt for energizing flavor like blood orange from Lazarus Naturals or mango from Juju Royal.

Photo from Boy Smells

Taurus: Luxe Kush Candle

Homebody Taurus is the queen of JOMO, always choosing a night of masking and Killing Eve over a crowded party. Help them get into cozy mode with the Boy Smells Purple Kush candle, which exudes notes of cassis, tulip, and lilac.

Photo from Dip Stick Vapes

Gemini: Chic, Low-Mait Vape

Curious, chameleon-like Gemini is always flitting between new people and places. The Rainbow Dipper Vaporizer, an auto-loading, pocket-sized vape has a rainbow palette that matches their many moods. Bonus—a portion of proceeds go to LGBTQIA+ causes.

Cancer: Cannabis Cooking Oil Infusion Kit

There’s nothing better to soothe a sensitive Cancer than cooking or crafting their worries away. Give them an excuse to DIY in the kitchen with coconut and olive oil cannabis infusion kits from Ardent.

Photo from Dr. Dabber

Leo: Artsy Vape Kit

Creative, outgoing Leos will love humble-bragging when they show off the Aaron Kai x Aurora vape kit, including an award-winning pen, dabber, and zip case—all in a psychedelic Hawaiian-inspired print. Tuck Milk Makeup’s new Kush Lip Glaze inside the pouch for an extra glamorous touch.

Photo from DabTabs

Virgo: Eco-Friendly Extracts

Virgo’s conscientious, perfectionistic nature makes them fierce environmental advocates who prefer when things are clean and tidy. Natural, mineral-based DabTabs are a low-waste (and mess-free) way for them to get high.

Photo from LucidMood

Libra: Custom Mood Vape Pen

Balanced, brainy Libra wants to know exactly what’s in any product they put in their body. That’s why they’ll be into LucidMood pens, which combine CDB, THC, and terpenes to target and trigger different moods, like party or focus.

Photo from Higher Standards

Scorpio: Elevated Weed Decor

Scorpios like their abodes to reflect their intense, passionate personalities. The new Jonathan Adler x Higher Standards cannabis-inspired decor collab lets Scorpios express their stoner selves with a sophisticated valet tray or hashish box.

Photo from Goldleaf

Sagittarius: Weed-Themed Art That Gives Back

Give philosophical Sagittarius a Goldleaf CBD jotter to help them reflect on their high experiences. To appeal to their altruistic streak, a portion of sales from this plant print go to the military nonprofit Project Sanctuary.

Photo from Shanti

Capricorn: Low-Key Hemp Softgels

Just because Capricorns prefer to stick the rules, doesn’t mean they never break them—they just don’t want the world to know. The ideal gift: Shanti hemp CBD oil softgels, which can be popped privately to mellow out before bed.

Aquarius: Futuristic Vape

Aquarians are early adapters, so they’ll revel in the Hydrology9 vape, a meticulously-designed piece featuring liquid filtration and a borosilicate glass body for an optimized vaping experience. They can always upgrade to the Cloudious9’s next invention, the Atomic9 mini convection vape, set to drop this summer.

Photo from of PLUS

Pisces: Mood-Boosting Gummies

Fast-acting cannabis-infused Plus gummies will instantly uplift the sometimes Eeyore-ish Pisces. As a options-loving sign, they’ll appreciate the variety of flavors, including mango and blackberry lemon.