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The Brexit Mistakes That Led to Prime Minister Theresa May's Resignation

After almost three years, British voters finally saw some action: Prime Minister Theresa May resigned.

by VICE News
May 28 2019, 1:50pm

After almost three years of waiting for their country to leave the EU, British voters finally saw some action: Prime Minister Theresa May resigned as leader of the Conservative Party.

Her resignation Friday had been inevitable since May failed to get Parliament to accept a deal and was forced to delay Brexit. Still, there’s no clear frontrunner to fill the power vacuum that will emerge as she steps down, and whoever takes over will inherit the problems that took May down.

One thing, however, is clear: In the next few months, her successor will clarify whether Theresa May singlehandedly and spectacularly failed at her only job or whether delivering Brexit is a suicide mission for any politician.

More than a few conservative hard-liners are banking on the first hypothesis — that May’s string of bad decisions were the problem. They’re pushing to see Boris Johnson, the figurehead of the 2016 "Leave" campaign, take over and finish what he started.

Whoever ends up in the unenviable position will first have to handle the fallout from the European Parliament elections. Polls show the Conservative Party finishing in a humiliating fifth place. And with Nigel Farage and his newly-formed Brexit Party raging toward victory, the humiliations are likely to continue well after the results are in.