And, Breathe: Gallant's Soothing Collaboration With Sufjan Stevens is Here

Get ready to feel things.
September 21, 2018, 2:45pm
Lead image via YouTube

Look, it's Friday. Chances are you're hungover and chugging ibuprofen in an attempt to cradle your shrunken, dehydrated brain. Or maybe you're tired, exhausted and run down from working just so very hard all week long. Whatever the case, you're gonna want to kick your feet up and relax. And because silence can be deafening and because you like music (hopefully?!) you're gonna want a tune.

Enter "TOOGOODTOBETRUE", the latest track from Grammy-nominated songwriter Gallant. Given that it features Sufjan Stevens, the patron saint of feeling things (AKA sitting in your pants sobbing), you should already know what's up. Lots and lots and lots of feelings ready made for shedding tears to and what not.

Ok, you don't have to cry while listening to the record. But it is a touching listen, full of lightness and comfort, like boarding a spaceship filled with pillows. As the track picks up you rise toward a heavenly abode where the sun always shines, but only in the nice warming way where it doesn't get in your eyes and give you a headache. Or something like that. You can probs picture some imagery of your own after delicately clicking the play button on the video below, featuring Gallant standing topless in a room so full of blue and red light it's not really of this world but like a dream instead.

"TOOGOODTOBETRUE" is the latest single to be released from Gallant's upcoming body of work This Does Not Fit – a record that will see the R&B star working with a selection of artists that have inspired him. There's no release date for that yet, but there is an American tour. In the meantime keep winding this track back.

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