Kobe Bryant Turns Into Giggling Idiot Celebrating Eagles Super Bowl Win

Kobe was dancing and giggling around while holding his baby daughter as the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

by Sean Newell
Feb 5 2018, 5:06pm

screen capture via Twitter

Sports can make even the most cutthroat, ice-in-his-veins muse-cage inventor turn into a straight-up goofball. Here we have Los Angeles Lakers legend (and Philly suburbs kid) Kobe Bryant being reduced to a giggling mess and doing some kind of dance/running-in-place bit after New England's Hail Mary fell short at the end of the Super Bowl last night, ensuring the Eagles' win.

Kobe goes through a whole series of emotions in just 40 seconds. There is some hopeful despair as he watches the flight of the ball—I believe he says "no" approximately 100 times—which eventually gives way to relief. And then it takes his brain just a beat to process why he is so relieved when it finally dawns on him: "Oh my God, yes we won." [Activate high-pitched squealing] "We won the fucking Super Bowl." It is at this point that Bryant begins running in place and howling, all while holding his young daughter.

I am actually kind of impressed that Kobe had the confidence to hold his daughter while watching the final moments of a last-second Super Bowl featuring Tom Brady. I feel like I'd have infants—and all valuables, for that matter—as far away as possible in the event the Pats won another miracle game, or even if my team won. I would not trust myself to act rationally. But that's why Kobe's the Black Mamba: stone-cold faith and laser focus on the task at hand.