We Discuss GamerGate’s Legacy, the Death of AIM on Waypoint Radio

In the wake of an explosive article on the alt-right, we look back at an event we’re still trying to understand.

Oct 7 2017, 12:12am

Image courtesy of Verizon

If you're the kind of person who gets a nostalgia hit listening to the sign-on sound from old AIM clients—yes, the one where the door opens—you're going to enjoy our long conversation about the recent announcement AIM will shut down later this year. Austin, Rob, and myself discuss the awkward teenage crushes that played out over the messaging service, before using BuzzFeed's recent piece about the origins of the alt-right website Breitbart as a means of re-examining GamerGate, three years after it all started. (Since this podcast was recorded, the VICE employee mentioned in BuzzFeed's story has been fired. Also, Austin's Internet magically turned back on.)

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