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Watch Nardwuar Talk to DRAM About Loving Music and Hugging Beyoncé

You will never be sad again after watching this interview.

by Phil Witmer
Aug 4 2017, 3:26pm


Given DRAM's eternally joyous demeanour, it would make sense that his interview with fellow bundle of energy Nardwuar would be a delight. Spoilers: it was indeed a romp, with Nardwuar gifting DRAM a vinyl copy of DeBarge's classic 1983 album In a Special Way right off the bat ("DeBarge is a big influence on what [I] do," days DRAM).

The two nerds spend a while talking about the greatness of DRAM's fellow Virginians Chad Hugo of the Neptunes ("he's very very avant-garde with everything he does") and Clipse. Nardwuar also eagerly presses DRAM about the time he touched huge DRAM fan Beyoncé ("It was a hug!"). There is much discussion of deep Virginia rap references and a message of positivity from DRAM at the end. It's a lovely time for all involved and you can watch it above.

Phil also advocates the beauty of both DeBarge and 'Hell Hath No Fury.' He's on Twitter.