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Sherwood Marty Shows His Potential as Baton Rouge's Next Star with "Way Up"

It's the first single from his new mixtape, 'The Fresh Prince of Sherwood,' out soon on 300 Entertainment.

by Noisey Staff
Aug 23 2018, 4:45pm

Sherwood Marty, the 22-year-old rapper with a clutch of online hits and a bunch of hardened-but-catchy hooks, is probably going to be Baton Rouge's next nationwide sensation. Last year's "Sherwood Baby" has already turned into a sleeper anthem in his hometown, and its video has racked up two million plays on YouTube. His Lil Baby collaboration, "Day in My Hood" turned the familiar, Auto-Tuned trap tropes into something fresh. On his latest single, "Way Up," premiering above, he knows he's on the come-up. "I'm thankin' God I ain't still got my old ways / A whole lotta shit done changed since the old days," he raps over Mouse On Tha Track's beat. Watch the video for the track at the top of the page.

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