Check Out 'The Nun' Clip That Was Too Scary for a YouTube Ad

YouTube said it violated the company's "shocking content policy."

by River Donaghey
Aug 15 2018, 2:57pm

YouTube announced this week that it will stop running an ad for Conjuring spinoff The Nun featuring a jump scare, because the clip is apparently just way, way, way too goddamn scary for people, Variety reports.

The six-second teaser opens with a black screen and the image of a MacBook volume sign lowering to mute until, all of a sudden, the ad cuts to a close-up of the titular nun letting out a scream like the freaky-ass hell demon she is.

To be fair, the thing is pretty simple—it's basically the same type of video that you used to terrify your friends with in middle school, except with the nun being the surprise scare. It isn't even the first Nun trailer to pull the stunt, but apparently this particular clip traumatized so many people that YouTube decided it had to go.

The pre-roll ad was so short that YouTube wouldn't even let you skip it, so even if you knew the jump scare was coming, all you could do was try to frantically mute the volume or just cover your ears and cower until the whole thing was done.

A tweet from Twitter user @bbdvas warning other viewers about the jump scare went viral and finally got the attention of YouTube, which apparently realized that it was scaring the living shit out of its users and opted for a change, citing a company policy against "shocking content."

Of course, this doesn't mean that YouTube is cracking down on jump scare videos in general—it just means that maybe forcing unsuspecting viewers to sit through one while they're trying to learn to cook a meat log might be a bit much, you know? The clip itself was uploaded separately and is currently still up on YouTube, so give it a watch above if you want to see exactly how scary is too scary for a YouTube ad.

The Nun is out September 7 in case you haven't had enough jump scares already.

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