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Alice Glass Is Back with Her First New Song in Two Years

The return of the former Crystal Castles frontwoman on "Without Love" is very welcome indeed.

by Lauren O'Neill
Aug 10 2017, 1:49pm

Image via Alice Glass on Twitter

Since Crystal Castles emerged in all their static electric glory back in 2006, Alice Glass has been well known for her ability to make weird, fascinating music. I'm pleased to say that despite a two-year absence after she released solo track "Stillbirth" in 2015, having left Crystal Castles, that's very much still the case: today she is back with "Without Love," and it's pretty much everything you could hope for in an Alice Glass single.

Once again working with Jupiter Keyes of HEALTH, who provides additional writing and production on the track, Glass delivers a Grimes-esque sad synth number with a big pop-sensibility (hear that chorus? That's Alice Glass reminding you that she could very easily be an enormous pop star if she deigned to). Lyrically, it's introspective; sonically, it's searching and almost pained and, altogether, it's easily the most interesting and multi-faceted track you'll hear today, as the delicate vocals crash into a surging instrumental. Listen below, and feel a strange ache in your chest:

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