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Guys, This New U2 Song Kinda Slaps

It's the lead single from their fourteenth studio album, 'Songs of Experience.'

by Noisey Staff
Sep 6 2017, 2:29pm

Photo via U2 on Instagram

Nobody ever told our generation that U2 were cool. We grew up with Bono as a caricature, "Beautiful Day" as a sports highlight backing track for the unimaginative, and this fucking shit. It's not our fault. Any sensible, decent human born after, say, 1986 would rationally turn away from a bloke that can't count to four in Spanish. But U2 were, actually, Pretty Great for a full seven years between Boy in 1980 and The Joshua Tree in 1987. I'm not going to waste time justifying that take here

Another take—"You're the Best Thing About Me," this new U2 song, the first from their forthcoming Songs Of Experience, kinda slaps. Bono sings about "shooting stars" in the first verse and follows it up with, "You've seen enough to know / It's children who teach." Larry Mullen Jr plays a fast paced hi-hat beat in the chorus and there's a cool little bit of The Edge guitar from The Edge towards the end.

Will it change the fact that U2 forced us all to download the predecessor to this new record? No! Is it worth listening to right now anyway? Kinda!

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