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The 'Super Troopers 2' Trailer Is Full of Canadian Mounties and Rob Lowe

Watch it right meow.

VICE Staff

The trailer for the upcoming Super Troopers sequel is finally here, 17 years after the original hit theaters—and if you've spent the past two decades waiting patiently to watch Farva shoot a bald eagle out of the sky, then, well, the wait is over.

Super Troopers 2, which was funded with help from a successful Indiegogo campaign in 2015, will bring the whole Broken Lizard crew together for some good old shenanigans. It looks like Mac, Thorny, Farva, and the rest will go head-to-head with some Canadian Mounties this time around, in a nice callback to the original's police vs. trooper rivalry plot. Apparently, there's a small Canadian town that is actually on the US side of the border, meaning that it falls under the Troopers' jurisdiction, and general hilarity ensues during the handoff.

Along with basic plot stuff, the trailer is full of everything you'd expect from a Super Troopers 2 trailer—delinquent cops messing with drivers at traffic stops, jokes about liters of cola, and a solid "meow" reference right from the start. There's also a moose-fucking joke, since, you know, Canada. Rob Lowe is there, too, for some reason.

The movie was written by the Broken Lizard team and directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, who also stars as Thorny. It's set to hit theaters on 4/20—naturally—but until then, relive your early stoner days and give the trailer a watch right meow.

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