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Daily Horoscope: December 21, 2017

Happy winter solstice!

by Annabel Gat; illustrated by Robin Eisenberg
Dec 21 2017, 5:00am

Happy winter solstice! The Sun enters Earth sign Capricorn at 11:29 AM, encouraging us to honor our roots. The Moon, in Aquarius, clashes with Mars at 1:13 PM, creating an energetic, aggressive vibe; however, the Sun meets Saturn at 4:09 PM, which will put everyone in a sober mood. The Moon connects with communication planet Mercury, which is currently retrograde, at 11:54 PM.

All Times EST.


Happy solar return, Capricorn! You’re in a very no-bullshit mood today, dear sea goat, and your intuition is especially sharp this evening, so listen closely to your inner voice.


It’s the first day of Capricorn season, and the Sun is now illuminating a very psychic sector of your chart. Catch up on rest and time alone—you need to recharge or else you’ll burn out!


It’s Capricorn season. This means that the Sun is now shining in the friendship and community sector of your chart, encouraging you to connect and share ideas. But you’re feeling exhausted today, so don’t overbook yourself.


Happy winter solstice, Aries! The Sun is now in hardworking Capricorn and it’s shining down on the sector of your chart that rules success and recognition. The Moon in Aquarius is encouraging you to network.


It’s now Capricorn season, Taurus, and you’re feeling inspired to break out of your normal routine, learn something new, and see the world. The Moon in Aquarius will also find you reflecting on your career goals.


Happy winter solstice, Gemini! It’s now Capricorn season, which means the Sun is moving through a very intense sector of your chart: Sex, debts, and endings are all themes that are coming up for you now.


Your focus will turn to your relationships due to the winter solstice, as the Sun enters Capricorn and illuminates the partnership sector of your chart. The Moon is in Aquarius today, finding you reflecting on some deeply emotional issues.


You’re always looking for a reason to party, Leo, so happy winter solstice! That said, now that the Sun is in Capricorn, your job should become your main priority—Capricorn wants you to work! You had enough time to play during Sagittarius season.


The Sun enters fellow Earth sign Capricorn, illuminating the romance and creativity sector of your chart—but expect to be in a serious mood about these themes today.


You’re the sign of balance, Libra, but the winter solstice is a time of extremes. Now’s the time to reflect on your foundation and your sense of safety and security, both at home and within yourself.


It’s now Capricorn season! Expect to be busy over the next month as the Sun moves through the sector of your chart that rules communication. Serious news is arriving today.


Happy winter solstice, Sagittarius! The Sun is now in materially minded Earth sign Capricorn, illuminating the financial sector of your chart and encouraging you to tackle issues concerning cash, as well as self-worth and security.

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