Auburn Football Team Belts Out Temptations' Version of 'Silent Night'

We're not judging, we're just happy linebacker coach Travis Williams caught it all on camera.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Dec 22 2017, 7:54pm

Screen capture via Twitter/@T_WILL4REAL

If you're sitting in your car by yourself during hours of traffic, it's not that much fun to hear Christmas songs ad nauseam. But Christmas songs suck until you catch a case of the group feels—that's when you get it. It's a ritual that's meant to be shared.

And when you're a tight-knit unit like a college football team—it's easy to catch an extra strong case of those feels. Auburn decided to do a singalong at a team meeting, and the players really got into it.

I mean, the Temptations's version is obviously 1,000 times better and more technically difficult than any other version, so it's hilarious to hear the players reach for the high notes on "sleeeeeep in heavenly peaaaaace." It made for one loud-ass Silent Night.