This DIY 'Westworld'-Inspired Robot Is Terrifying

Shitty robot expert Simone Giertz creates a host version of herself for the second season of 'Westworld.'
April 20, 2018, 1:30pm

The second season of Westworld will return to our screens this Sunday, and HBO is not letting us forget it, unleashing a series of stunts like fake ‘spoilers’ videos and host-style robots dropped into UK bars. But none are as terrifying as the monstrosity above.

Prominent YouTuber, robot enthusiast, and Westworld fan Simone Giertz has created an animatronic host robot version of herself to promote the new season,'s a nightmare.

Giertz uses "a medical doll of some sorts," some makeup, a wig, and a lot of machinery and power tools later, the animatronic horror is ready. It can deliver lengthy exposition, it can paint, it can dance, it can roam the rolling fields and it can (almost) pick up a can. It can even catch popcorn in its mouth. In other words, it is just as capable as a real human.