Macaulay Culkin Uses 'Home Alone' Tactics in Wrestling Match Cameo

Culkin dumped a bucket of balls, and then swung that bucket into someone's head before finishing it off with a Santa-assisted frog splash.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Dec 15 2017, 3:51pm

Screenshot capture via YouTube/Pro Wrestling Sheet

When you were a child star, famous for your role in Home Alone as a sadistic ne'erdowell abandoned during the holidays, you should probably just assume that you're going to get pulled into a Santa-themed wrestling match. Mccaulay Culkin was on hand during a Bar Wrestling match, and was pulled into the ring to chants of "Home Alone" and finished off "Swoggle" (you might remember him as Hornswoggle from the WWE) using some dirty tactics, a la Kevin McCallister.

Just check it out as your dude rolls up wearing bunny ears (for some reason), splays out some balls on the floor to trip the wrestlers, swings a bucket in a dude's face, and then brings the match to an end with a Santa-assisted frog splash.

Here are some nice stills from the event:

Culkin seems like a pret-ty cool dude nowadays—fronting the band The Pizza Underground, a Velvet Underground cover band with pizza-themed lyrics, and rejecting his fame. Nice of him to pay homage to his thief-torturing past, then. Plus, he seems like the perfect heel. Culk Hogan, if we're being honest.

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