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Swang Liberally to Tef Poe and Rockwell Knuckles' "Hog in the Lane" Video

Dude with a snake? Check. Baby pitbull? Check. White dude on a skateboard? Also check.

by VICE Staff
Jul 9 2014, 8:05pm

The advent of YouTube and affordable HD cameras has really watered down the value of a good no-nonsense rap video. These days, “we got everybody on the block” clips are a dime a dozen. The visuals for Tef Poe’s “Hog In The Lane” are a throwback to a different era, when rappers took the time to do things like “swang wide down Riverview on a riding mower on Daytons.” I like to imagine a PA running around the set with a clipboard checking off things like “dude with a snake,” “baby pitbull,” “white guy on a skateboard,” “older man reppin his hood,” and “deuces in an SUV.”

It also helps that the track goes. Tef and fellow St. Louisian Rockwell Knuckles go back and forth on a country rap backdrop provided by the one and only DJ Burn One. Poe is a unique talent, with the knowledge of Killer Mike, the gravitas of Scarface, and the finesse of someone like Aceyalone. “Hog” is from Tef’s excellent Cheer for the Villian album.