The Best Rap Tunes of the Week: Grilled Cheeze, Vol. 3

Young L covers Nelly, French Montana talks nutrition, and a rare appearance by Kokane!

Jun 23 2014, 3:15pm

It's GRILLED CHEEZE VOL. 3 and we've got Young L covering Nelly, French Montana eating healthy, Casino buying a tiger, and a dude named Unknown Pokemon.

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Young L - "Range Rover"

The second-most famous member of The Pack continues to darken his sound with his new tape MVP. It's not ending any NBA careers but it does feature "Range Rover," which is what Nelly's "Country Grammar" would sound like if Nelly wore corpse paint.

Meek Mill + French Montana - "We Dem Boyz" remix

We thought we were getting an official "We Dem Boyz" remix with Puff but instead we got a "We Dem Boyz" freestyle by Puff, Meek, and French. Make your own damn edits, DJ's. I took out Puff for the sake of length. French's first line is "Haaanh / we eatin healthy." Khloe goin’ to work on that dude!

iLoveMakonnen - "Man of the Party"

Catchy as hell post-Keef/Soulja New Atlanta shit that could have been done in one take or 100. Comes with an extremely #based video as well. Apparently this shit is from 2013 and Juicy J tweeted the lyrics, so I'm late to said party.

Casino - "Cash Money"

Future's brother has a new tape which is chock full of yelling and enthusiasm. "Cash Money" is a standout track from Casino Royale, in which he uses YMCMB members as metaphors for wealth. He spent Wayne on the whip, etc. The concept runs out of steam pretty fast: he went to Africa and bought a tiger … Cash Money? I love Casino.

Tiffany Foxx f/ Chubbie Baby - "Buy Her What She Want"

St. Louisian Tiffany Foxx's King Foxx tape is an like a Nicki Minaj mixtape if the stakes weren't so high for everything Nicki did and she wasn't constantly tweaking her musical direction. So if you want to hear a woman rap her ass about being awesome while doing interesting stuff with her voice and her flows, King Foxxis for you. I don't know what's more weird: that Ohio Dipset affiliate Chubbie Baby shows up twice on the album or that he sounds great on both songs.

Gucci Mane + Peewee Longway f/ Jose Guapo - "Dangerous Click"

Brick Squad put another fifteen thousand songs out this week featuring Migos, Young Thug, Peewee Longway and his MPA crew, and various other dudes that have a lot to say about the trap. Unfortunately "Dangerous Click" doesn't reference Too $hort's posse from the early 90's (technically the Dangerous Crew) but it's some 1988 shit to call a track.

Blanco + Husalah f/ Kokane - "Grief and His Due"

"Grief" is from the Tortoise and the HareEP, a collaboration between Blanco, Husalah, and Kokane entirely produced by DJ Burn One. Husalah is one of the founding members Bay Area legends Mob Figaz and Kokane made his name in the early 90's singing unhinged G-Funk hooks. Burn One is one of the foremost active purveyors of country rap tunes. Blanco… had a $50 million marijuana dispensary and fought a lengthy court battle over it. I don't mean to shade dude but he's kind of the odd one out. Anyways Tortoiseis very good and "Grief" interpolates the verse melody from Seals and Crofts' "Summer Breeze."

RaRa - "God Forgive Me"

Speaking of country rap tunes, RaRa's High End Low Life spends a lot of its time in the trunk of a Cadillac, aesthetically speaking. The rest of the tape leans more towards post-Dilla boom-bap, but not so much that it gets annoying. Think of Ra as a less sanctimonious Big K.R.I.T. and enjoy the luxurious saxophones behind "God Forgive Me."

Key Nyata - "B.O.S."

"B.O.S." is from Key Nyata's awesomely named tape Cosmic Dad (not to be confused with Trill Dad) and produced by the awesomely-named Unknown Pokemon. Key had some jams as a member of SpaceGhostPurp's Raider Klan back before that fell apart, now I'm not sure what's going on with dude. Nyata's never shied away from challenging his listeners and Cosmic Dadis a heavy, distorted listen.

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