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Summer Should Never End Ever: Here's Shark?'s Video for "Big Summer"

Spaghetti harassment is real.

by Aliza Abarbanel
Aug 20 2014, 2:48pm

Sometimes writing for Noisey means alerting people when the police are using facial recognition technology at concerts. Other times, it means watching a video of a guy shaving his face. Above is the premiere of Brooklyn-based band Shark?'s new video which—guess what—involves one of the deadpan dudes from Shark? having a simple shave.

This every day scenario speedily descends into insanity. Blonde boys lick sundae toppings off our once-bearded friend’s head as a semi-naked man in a wolf hat cavorts in the background. Throw in a heavy dose of clown facepaint, some spaghetti harassment, and our protagonist is getting much more of a makeover than he probably bargained for. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of booze present to dull the humiliation.

As for the song itself, it's scuzzy, minimalist lo-fi at its best, and it features just one refrain: “BIG SUMMER'S HERE!” May it never end.

You can even buy "Big Summer" if you want. It's out via Old Flame Records.

Shark? Tour Dates w/ So Cow

09/18 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Gooski’s

09/19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio

09/20 – Caldwell, NJ @ Caldwell University

09/21 – Philadelphia, PA @ Silk City

Aliza got flashbacks to her middle school makeovers watching that video. Give her tips to get over her PTSD: @AlizaAbarbanel


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